Public Key Infrastructure

PKI Policy Services

PKI policies today require lower cost of creation and establishment than ever. There exist several sources from industry standards organizations and government institutions that have already invested heavily in well established and well formed policies that govern PKI implementations. Organizations can leverage these existing investments to speed their time-to-market for implementation. This allows for a strong concentration on the policy enforcement, procedural development, and technical integration of PKI services within the enterprise.

LS3's PKI policy services are focused on the practical use and utility of PKI, more so than the establishment and development of PKI policy itself. This means that we concentrate on using established PKI Policies and answering the questions of:
  • "How is this technology applicable to my business framework?"
  • "What is the cost of applying this technology to my business services?"
  • "How can I maximize any ROI in the use of these technologies, and what options can I consider?"

Since we thoroughly understand the underlying technologies in PKI, have been involved in and track the evolution of current policies and defacto industry standards, and have extensive hands on experience in applying these technologies in well integrated solutions, our services save time and resources associated with realizing tangible and valuable capabilities for your organization.

Another serious challenge in PKI is the use and utility of more than one PKI! Since PKI has become an infrastructure service, commoditized in nature, and openly available in large organizations; many organizations have come to a realization that they now subscribe to or support multiple PKI services within their enterprise. LS3 specializes in the consolidation of services models across multiple providers to a single provider, helping organizations reduce their total cost of ownership and streamline their business operations.

Organizations that find themselves operating multiple instances of PKI services quickly come to recognize the duplicative costs associate with subscribing to or operating redundant infrastructure. The challenge to aligning these environments can be complicated. At a policy level, the assurance levels of cryptographic services, the operational footprint for PKI based services, and trust path to the Certification Authorities can become quickly convoluted.
  • PKI archive capability from each redundant infrastructure requires continued subscription to each service provider
  • Security assurance levels in services may be disparate and disjointed; requiring analysis of the risk model for subscribing applications to come to a determination as to which PKI is the most appropriate for the go-forward strategy
  • Alignment of new technologies, such as HSPD-12, with PKI do not exist and were omitted in the operational thinking of the adoption of these new technologies

We are an organization that can help customers address these and other similar complex concerns. Our team offers extensive experience at all levels of PKI implementation and support, and as such can help you evolve your solutions quickly, efficiently, and correctly. As a results oriented organization and consultancy, we understand the need to get it right the first time, and our highly experienced personnel can directly address these problems with solutions, offering you options to address them quickly and as inexpensively as possible.