Public Key Infrastructure

LS3 Technologies offers the strongest, most experienced, and most thoroughly testing group of PKI professionals available in industry today! Our team has been involved in successfully deploying PKI based solutions for more than 15 years. Our expertise in policy, practice, technology, and implementation are unparalleled and we can support your electronic signature, confidentiality, and non-repudiable business process needs immediately. Public Key Infrastructures have been supported within industry and government environments for almost two decades. They offer strong cryptographic capability in both hardware and software environments, combining the speed of symmetric cryptography with the strength of asymmetric cryptography in operations. The implementation of PKI sought to make radical new and positive changes in the 1990's, with a promise of serving as a security silver bullet that would offer tremendous return on investment (ROI) for customers that adopted the technology. Unfortunately, after many years of development, implementation, and integration, PKI failed to live up to this boastful promise. Many organizations learned the hard way that the implementation of shiny new technology into legacy operations and policy environments were costly, difficult, and ultimately offered limited returns.

The truth about PKI is that it required significant planning, policy development, and operational adjustment to leverage its power and promise. The implementation of PKI was at least 80% policy based, and the technologies comprised well implemented PKI were a detail that did not require as extensive a level of knowledge that many providers were extolling in their marketing for these implementations. Since most organizations placed PKI in the category of 'technology', they were often times driven by technology centers; thus failing to engage the appropriate stakeholders and business vision for supporting such implementations. Our principals have been involved in PKI technologies, their policies, their implementation, and their support for more than 15 years. We thoroughly understood the challenge associated with yielding the promise of PKI, and ALL OF OUR PAST ENGAGEMENT RESULTED IN SUCCESS for our customers, without exception. Our team always focuses on the top-down model for implementation of the technologies. We work with our customers to help their understanding of the business process management aspects of PKI, driving organization and institution change through policy and procedure definition, and explaining the appropriateness of technologies and integration efforts based upon business drivers.

Most importantly, LS3 does not spend a lot of time analyzing these well understood policy and procedural frameworks. The reality is that PKI Policies and Solutions are commonplace in industry today, with many leading PKI solutions providers already providing all of the technical capability required to support strong security services. Organizations are no longer required to "figure out" the entire enigma that was PKI technology, and instead can subscribe to well established capabilities, and concentrating on the application and use of these services within their enterprise. Alternatively, organizations that want to implement these internal capabilities have several models to choose from to expedite the implementation of internal services in accordance with industry best practices and already defined policy frameworks.

LS3 has supported more than a dozen past customers with the implementation of the policies, procedures, practices, technical development, and integration of PKI technologies. We have also supported HSPD-12 implementations across the Federal Government, which also leverage PKI credentials that are part of the PIV Credential standard. We can support PKI efforts that require policy development or adjustment, procedural analysis and establishment, technical integration, education and training, audit and review services, and more.