Program Office Management

LS3 is currently serving a number of Federal customers as a skilled PMO management organization specializing in HSPD-12. Our team of resources leverages experience that precedes HSPD-12 and FIPS 201, having integrated solutions and managed environments that were involved in the implementation of PKI and Smart Card technology based solutions as far back as 1999. We thoroughly understand the management, operations, and technical challenges of these implementations, the policy impacts that stem from these technology solutions, and the practices that need to exist to fully support the robust security offered from these solutions.

To properly address the needs of an HSPD-12 or Identity and Access Management program office, we offer our skill and talent of a professional PMO organization, a talented technology integration provider, a subject matter expert boutique in the areas of PKI credentials, lifecycle management of identity, policy definition and implementation, and operational support services as the key differentiators of LS3. Many Department and Agencies that take stock of their current providers will come to realization that adoption, implementation, and progress may has become stagnated, suffers from analysis paralysis, or is missing program milestones repeatedly. These are clear indication of knowledge and experience gaps associated with moving initiatives forward in government, the technologies involved with HSPD-12, or the technical depth of those current providers. Our team differs, providing a results oriented approach to managing HSPD-12 implementation, operations, and deployment. All of our current customers are blazing a trail of success with not only the issuance of PIV credentials, but the out-of-the-box usage of those credentials in LACS and PACS environments as a strong identity platform. Further, our capabilities enable a solid foundation to evolve beyond HSPD-12 and FIPS 201, and seek to enable strong Identity and Access Management capability for our customers. This allows our customers an innate ability to move beyond HSPD-12 focuses; integrating the services of the card into a broader IAM effort that appropriately migrate PIV credentials as a common infrastructure component.

Since HSPD-12 is an adjunct to Identity and Access Management concerns, is a cross cutting architectural security implementation, and touches almost every level of an enterprise, Departments and Agencies are recognizing that the level of commitment, knowledge, and experience is of paramount importance in a solution provider. LS3 is such a provider, having unparalleled success with our customers and offering more management and technical insight than any single vendor available today!