OMB Compliance and Reporting

Initial HSPD-12 based efforts from 2006 to date sought to embrace a card issuance focus for Federal Agencies. Many organizations were required to respond to an unfunded mandate for the implementation of a smart card solution, with an emphasis made on the issuance of these credentials to all employees and contractors supporting their Agency missions and objectives. In recent years, OMB has adjusted reporting requirements and compliance rules for HSPD-12 to incorporate LACS and PACS integration need. Unfortunately, with the dissemination and distribution of PIV Credentials as the original focus, many of these fielded technologies offer significant challenges to adopting logical and physical integration capability. In most instances, the data model of the PIV Credentials are already fixed, requiring Departments and Agencies to consider re-issuing all of the PIV Credentials to adjust the data model of the card to more readily support LACS and PACS integration requirements.

LS3 is well aware of this challenge. We offer solutions and professional knowledge to aid organizations in the operational and technical adjustment of PIV solutions. We leverage as many technology features of the PIV credentials in your organization as possible, in addition to building phased implementation strategies and approaches that allow for more robust, lower cost, and easily adopted technology integration over time. Our team can implement the necessary technologies that serve to bridge the limitations of fielded technology, integrate identity and data management services with common infrastructure services, and permit integration of PIV credentials to your LACS and PACS environments in compliance with OMB reporting needs.

We also offer the Capital Planning Investment Control (CPIC) support services, OMB Exhibit 300 reporting, budget management, and investment control services you will need to interface with OMB. We provide strong and detailed implementation planning, cost estimation services and outputs, and phased in compliance strategies that demonstrate the value your organization will receive in the integration and adoption of the PIV credential investment.