LACS and PACS Integration Services

With the implementation of HSPD-12 solutions across the Federal environment, agencies are being required to adopt strong identity and access management practices as a common solution. PIV Credentials offer federal customers a strong and robust platform that can be leveraged as a single sign on token for physical and logical systems control. To enable these capabilities, LS3 supports a robust and highly experienced cadre of professionals that specialize in PACS and LACS technologies that make these functional capabilities a reality.

The implementation of PIV credentials in your organization should provide return on those investments. LS3 is a boutique of excellence that specializes in leveraging the PKI certificates, unique identifier, and security objects and identifiers, pictures, biometrics, and other data resident on the token that support robust identification, authentication, and authorization validation services. We are also the single source technology vendor addressing the requirements of the Federal and Emergency Response Official framework in the Continuity of Operations and Government solutions needed for the National Capital Region, extending the use and utility of PIV credentials for emergency response and disaster response operations. Our experience and expertise is simply unparalleled and superior to any other vendor providing similar services to our Federal Government partners. We offer the strategic thinking, operational know how, and technical integration capability needed to leverage PIV credentials for real world operations and business needs.

LS3 can review your existing program, the current technology base that supports the enrollment and issuance of PIV credentials, the operational frameworks that distribute and issue your PIV Credentials, and provide you with a tailored solution to reduce your management, operations, and integration costs over time. We will evaluate your existing applications, technologies, and PACS environment to provide a full assessment of those technologies that can be rapidly integrated to leveraging the PIV credential, identify the application that will require more investment or effort to leverage a PIV credential, and identify those technologies that simply will not be capable of leveraging these standardized identity platforms. Once complete, we can outline the scope of effort and skill sets required to properly leverage these common and secure forms of identification, and work with your organization to devise a phased implementation plan to adjust your environment to the right solution that meets your business needs, complies with OMB mandates, and offers a return on the investment made in the technology.