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LS3 is a dynamic, constantly changing, and forward moving organization. Here you will see historical references and news articles that apply to what was and what has led us to becoming one of the most successful small businesses in the nation. We invite you to review our historical information which clearly demonstrates our organization as a fast growing, energetic, and successful enterprise. June 2001
LS3 Technologies was incorporated in June 2001, beginning a bright and positive path of delivering successful solutions for our customers.

July 2001
LS3 receives contract award to provide Enterprise Architecture, Public Key Infrastructure, and Identity Management solutions for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, (FDIC). As part of this challenging and important effort, our consultants will provide FDIC with world class subject matter expertise to establish secure, low cost, and future proof solutions driven by real business need. We look forward to this challenge and the opportunity to serve the FDIC with distinction.

September 2001
LS3 receives contract award to provide Public Key Infrastructure and Smart Card solutions for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

July 2002
LS3 succeeds in the delivery of the first ever high assurance (level 4 assurance) level Public Key Infrastructure in government. The FDA PKI Program has successfully implemented a fully functional Certification Authority, Smart Card Management System, and the necessary policies, practices, and audit services to serve as the first ever high assurance level Federal PKI. The solution is capable of sustaining law enforcement sensitive operations with high grade cryptographic protection, is fully integrated with smart card technology, and meets the robust security demands of a very challenging operating environment.

January 2003
LS3 receives contract award to serve as the subject matter experts at the U.S. Department of Justice Enterprise Public Key Infrastructure Program. This program seeks to establish a foundational building block in the development of a robust security framework that addresses the cross cutting architectural concerns of identification, authentication, and authorization. Our team will lead the technical architecture, strategy, and approach for a highly successful solution to meet the needs of our law enforcement partners at both the DOJ and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

July 2003
LS3 renews its contract to provide continued support to the FDA for strong, secure, robust solutions that leverage PKI and Smart Card technology. In this contract renewal, LS3 will continue to provide the thought leadership, technical insight, and hands on development support of the FDA Enterprise PKI, its alignment with the Department of Health and Human Services PKI initiative, and field operations support of the Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) Turbo-Establishment Inspection Report (TURBO-EIR) application.

January 2004
LS3 continues to strive for results with the Justice Department PKI, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Electronic Pharmaceutical Control System and Controlled Substance Ordering System (EPCS/CSOS), and ground breaking HSPD-12 architectural insight and solution development. Under this renewal contract, LS3 will continue to support the development of the Enterprise PKI solution, alignment between the DOJ PKI and DEA PKI, subordination of the DOJ Certification Authority to the Federal PKI Bridge CA, and lead the policy and operational thinking needed to achieve real and tangible results.

June 2004
LS3 receives another renewal for services to the FDA, seeking to leverage our deep technical insight and policy knowledge to further develop the FDA ORA PKI Program. Our team has already made significant strides in being the first technology provider to ever establish a full High Assurance PKI in government. We are now moving to integrate the applications and services with Logical Access and Physical Access control environments, to maximize the investment made in both PKI and smart cards.

October 2004
HSPD-12 Published! This presidential mandate seeks to establish strong physical and logical credentials that leverage both PKI and Smart Card Technology in government organizations. LS3 as a service provider has already accomplished what this mandate seeks to accomplish with its broad base of customers, setting the stage for LS3 to become the premier solutions provider in the Federal Government for HSPD-12. Additionally, since LS3 is a fully accomplished consultancy in the area of Identity and Access Management and PKI, we fully expect that this mandate will increase the demands for our services more than ever.

December 2004
LS3 wins award to serve as the sole audit firm for the Veterans Affairs Public Key Infrastructure. With this award, LS3 demonstrates its rich experience and capability in the area of PKI Technology. Our team will review the VA PKI and provide a corrective action plan and technology roadmap that will support the continued success of the VA and the VA Smart Card Program, Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure Program (AAIP).

March 2005
LS3 selected as a key security solutions provider by Verizon Wireless (VZW)! LS3 will provide Verizon Wireless with strong security subject matter expertise and solutions development skills to enable the VCAST mobile application service. Our team will support VZW in the design, development, and deployment of the first music on demand download service for mobile environments. With this award, LS3 demonstrates its strong application development, cryptographic services, and solutions design experience. We look forward to serving VZW with distinction and contributing to the continued success of VZW as our partner.

December 2005
LS3 becomes an 8(a) certified small business! LS3 Technologies is now a fully accredited and certified 8(a) Small Business, certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration. With this certification, LS3 is able to better and more expeditiously serve its Federal Government customers, applying our rigorous development capability, deeply experienced design services, and robust strategic and operational planning skills to help our customers meet their business goals and objectives.

June 2006
LS3 becomes principal provider to Electronic Data Systems (EDS) to support the VA HSPD-12 Program Office! LS3 has been selected to provide subject matter expertise, architectural leadership, and business innovation to the Veterans Affairs, in a strong partnership with EDS. Our team will provide the dedicated support, deep subject matter expertise, and thought leadership required to evolve the VA HSPD-12 solution and meet the HSPD-12 mandated deadline of October 2006 for a PIV Credential solution. With this award, LS3 demonstrates its ability to meet emerging requirements in solutions development, its prowess and capability in smart card solutions, PKI, and Identity and Access Management services, and its unparalleled commitment to its customers to achieve their business objectives.

July 2006
LS3 wins prime contract with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)! LS3 was selected by the SBA as the managing organization of their HSPD-12 Program Management Office (PMO). In winning this award, LS3 has become a prime contractor for the Federal Government, demonstrating our growth and capability as a small business partner. Our team will lead the HSPD-12 PMO, managing all aspects of the solutions development, management services, cost and budget tracking, and program roadmap and vision. Under this award, LS3 will aid the SBA in taking its place as a premier HSPD-12 service provider in government, seeking to leverage the recently established PIV Credential as a mobile and secure identity and authentication token for all of its logical and physical assets.

November 2006
EDS Expands LS3's role in the VA HSPD-12 Program! LS3's role at the VA expands with this award from EDS, taking our place as the sole solution development, integration, and operations provider of the VA PIV System. Our team, working in close partnership with EDS logistics and management teams, will continue to evolve the VA's HSPD-12 solution to meet the enterprise needs for Identity and Access Management solutions. LS3 has a unique capability in the design, development, implementation, and support of both HSPD-12 and IAM solutions, and this awards clearly demonstrates our strong and unparalleled capability in these areas.

February 2007
Veterans Affairs awards LS3 a sole source set aside contract for the design, development, implementation, and operations of their HSPD-12 solution! The VA has awarded LS3 a prime contract valued at over $3M to support the furtherance in design, development, and integration of the VA PIV System. Our team supports much more than a PIV credential issuance solution with this system, but the broad and cross cutting architectural security needs that can be satisfied with Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions. With our unique understanding and approach to HSPD-12, the VA has catapulted to the head of government with a solution that does not require specialized interfaces, re-engineering, or re-factoring to support Logical Access Control or Physical Access Control (LACS/PACS) integration. Our design considered the card usage model as the priority, ensuring that any card issued within the VA could automatically support network logon, secure email, VPN authentication services, and natively support HSPD-12 compliant PACS systems. We will continue to serve the VA with distinction and are truly honored with this significant award.